Professional Achievements

I am a postgraduate with a postgraduate diploma in Business Management. I have been involved in many aspects of the English language for the last three decades, both as a sales trainer and as a writer. In fact, I have been involved with such reputed companies such Gestetner, Roneo Vickers and Remington Rand as a sales trainer. This experience of more than two decades in sales and marketing proves as an invaluable asset when it comes to coaching candidates who join me for IELTS in their speaking module.

Coming to my writing forte, I have had many of my articles published right from my college days in leading Indian dailies such as the ‘The Hindu’ and the ‘Indian Express’. I have even won manyAll India Slogan Contests for prestigious companies such as Baygon Bait and NIIT. Hundreds of websites carry my content from India to the US since I write for many web designers from around the world. I have also edited several published books of both Indian and foreign origin.

My dedication and passion for the English language has endowed me with a successful track record of making many of my student friends cross the coveted 7 bands in IELTS score from all over Chennai. In fact, I get a vicarious pleasure whenever a student of mine drops in to say, he or she is leaving to a foreign destination after getting an enviable IELTS score. The proof of the pudding is in the eating and hence I have given a list of students who have secured more than 6.5 bands in the recent IELTS exams conducted both by IDP Australia and British Council. So for an intensive and fast-paced IELTS coaching, the number you should be calling is 9841154570.

The center provides you with many IELTS resource books and also books from the better known competitors in and around Chennai. Many online resources are also provided in the form of links,printouts and videos.