Santa’s Christmas blues

Santa’s Christmas blues

With Christmas round the corner, Santa seems to be everywhere. But how does he feel about it?

“I see my replicas in front of gas stations while I use an eco-friendly automobile – the sleigh!”

Did you know that these days, Santa’s blues peak during the Christmas season? Unbelievable when you see the whole world making him the centre of attraction. But it’s true. Being a carpenter, I had a chance of meeting Santa. I was summoned to fix his sleigh just before his annual around-the-world flight. As Santa stood watching me through his snow-dripping, woolly white eyebrows, I heard a deep sigh and enquired, “Is there something wrong, Santa?”

No Christmas spirit

“Oh, no dear chap, I was just thinking about the way everyone exploits me these days.” “And how could that be?” “You see, it saddens me when I see people using me as a mascot to earn extra bucks during Christmas. They do this by making my look-alikes stand in front of their shops and establishments and waving at the crowd and blowing kisses at kids. Some commercial establishments even try to sell off their not-so-good stuff with this Santa. I understand if they do this for charity. But these blokes use me even in front of credit card companies as if they were selling greeting cards! What a paradox! I wish to be remembered for giving without any strings attached and they stand for just the opposite. I see my replicas in front of gas stations while I use an eco-friendly automobile – the sleigh! I see half-fed replicas of myself with coffee-stained beards and moustaches working on measly daily wages as symbols of exploitation.” “But let me tell you of an incident that really hurt me,” Santa continued. “There was this look-alike standing in front of a toyshop. There came a poor man with his son. They walked around the shop and found there was nothing they could afford. Not knowing how to satisfy his son, he was just walking around in the shop. It was a week before Christmas and there was a huge crowd in the shop. After sometime, the look-alike Santa was summoned to get this poor man and his son out of the shop. So there he was pushing the father and son out of the shop and abusing them. For the first time I felt anger and sorrow.” He went on: “From that time on, when the Christmas season arrives, I realise that it’s no more a joy for this one single man to go around the world spreading Christmas cheer and the joy of giving, while there are a millions of look-alike Santas selling anything from alcohol to pistols. I am no more the jolly good, roly-poly fellow I used to be. My heart is heavier than the goods I carry!”I asked Santa what he did for the little boy. Santa answered with the proverbial twinkle in his eye, “I got the little boy’s address and gave him the toy he wanted. Moreover, I continue to give him the best of my gifts, year after year.” I could not resist kissing Santa and hugged saying, “Merry Christmas, Santa!” Trudging home that cold winter’s night, I thought that not everything is lost in this world as long as Santa and his spirit of charity endures.